Email/Cyber related Fraud Alert and Policy

Please be advised that Guardian Navigation payment/bank details generally will not change.
In the unlikely event that they were to change, Guardian Navigation would not notify of such change
via email or other electronic method alone

Further, Guardian Navigation will treat any request we receive to change payment/bank details as
and such payment will be held until the new details are validated to our full
satisfaction. We request that our clients advise of any change in their bank/payment details in writing
and via two other points of verbal confirmation, otherwise payment cannot be made.

Email/cyber related payments fraud is a significant and swiftly expanding threat throughout the global
shipping industry. Increasing in volume over recent years, attempts to change bank/payment instructions
via fraudulent email “spoofs” to direct funds to criminals have inundated our industry. The above policy
has been implemented for that reason.

We appreciate everyone’s vigilance regarding this matter.


Please note that Guardian Navigation does not accept unsolicited resumes from any source other than
directly from candidates. Guardian Navigation will not consider unsolicited referrals and/or resumes from
any search agencies, staffing agencies, fee-based referral services, headhunters and recruitment agencies
(hereinafter ‘vendors’). Unsolicited referrals and resumes sent to Guardian Navigation are deemed
gratuitous. If any vendor (included but not limited to recruitment agency, headhunter, staffing agency)
supplies any job candidate to Guardian Navigation without having signed an agreement with Guardian
Navigation, Guardian Navigation is not obligated to pay any kind of referral fee to such vendor.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, resumes will be accepted from those approved vendors, recruitment
agencies/headhunters who have written agreements in place with Guardian Navigation, and then only to the
extent such agreement covers a specified position and, if required by such agreement, the submission of
resumes by the vendor has been authorized in writing by Guardian Navigation for such specified position.
Any resumes submitted in the absence of a signed agreement become the property of Guardian Navigation and
no fee shall be due.