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Modern, Geared, Dry Cargo Vessels


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8 offices worldwide with over 300 customers in 20 countries calling over 500 ports for over 25 years



  • George E. Cody

    In charge of strategic management of Guardian as the most respected operator of dry bulk pools in the industry. Responsible for delivering Guardian Pool’s superior performance, directing employment of Guardian’s fleet globally, overseeing execution of voyages to optimize bottom line. Conceptualized the construction of the Guardian Pool. Manages Guardian’s entire commercial division, including its network of global offices. Maritime career spanning nearly 3 decades. With Guardian since inception, experience as a Line Manager and Managing Director of Guardian Houston.


    In charge of strategic management of Guardian as a key player in the drybulk market that balances the interests of shipowners, operators, and cargo owners. Responsible for uniting small- to midsized-shipowners and leveraging GNAV’s pool platform. Heads GNAV Business Strategy, Finance & Accounting, and Marketing globally. Maritime professional with more than 20-years career at Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), experienced in commercial vessel and Gas Carrier businesses across sectors and geographies. Was most recently the Trading Team Leader at MC in Tokyo, including GNAV business and marketing responsibility since 2018.

  • Sridhar Hariharan
    Chief Financial Officer

    Responsible for executing Guardian’s financial strategy, monitoring Guardian Pools’ performance, and
    overseeing Guardian’s accounting department. Established accounting and monitoring procedures of the
    Guardian Pool upon its inception. His career began as an auditor of shipping companies with Deloitte
    and has spanned over 3 decades in several accounting and finance roles for such companies as Sara Lee,
    Kraft Foods International, and Terex Corporation.

What Customers Are Saying About Guardian Navigation

  • Global Trading Company, Coal
    Switzerland HQ, India Division

    Our company completed multiple fixtures with Guardian since 2011. Over the years, Guardian has proven
    themselves to be a very reliable transportation option for our cargo in some of the most challenging
    areas of the world.

  • Producer, Steel Products
    South America

    In the past 15 years, Guardian has been outstanding in service, responsibility and performance;
    therefore we highly recommend them. We look forward to enjoying Guardian services on short, medium and
    long term.

  • Global Trading Company, Mining
    Switzerland HQ, South America Division

    We have worked with Guardian carrying our mineral concentrates from Chile since we began shipments in
    2007. The service Guardian has provided has always been timely and very professional.

  • Producer: Steel, Mining, Iron Ore
    United Kingdom HQ, Brazil Division

    Our company has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Guardian for several years. Guardian
    carried regularly steel products in a timely and professional manner. We expect to continue to work
    with Guardian for a long period.

  • Commodities Trader, Minerals
    Switzerland HQ, Peru Division

    We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Guardian since the company began in 1993.
    Guardian is carrying many of our cargoes of zinc, lead and copper to the Far East and other
    destinations, doing so in a timely and very professional manner.

  • Trading House, Steel
    United Kingdom

    Since 2006 Guardian has afforded us first class support and advice which has enabled us to develop
    markets and conclude trades. This cooperation and professionalism sets them apart from their